Is a DAF Program Right for Your Organization, or Is That Daffy? Creating, Promoting, and Administering Donor Advised Funds


Speaking Engagement

Presented by: GPM's Higher Education and Charitable Planning Practice Teams

A Breakfast Briefing jointly presented by:
Gray Plant  Mooty’s Higher Education and Charitable Planning Practice Teams

Speakers: Sarah Duniway, Robert Harding, and Angela Fogt 

Over the past decade, donor advised funds (DAFs) at community foundations have become increasingly popular. DAFs have also emerged as an important fundraising tool for other kinds of charities, including colleges and universities. Legislation enacted in 2006 precisely defines DAFs and imposes significant regulations on them. This session will first explain what a DAF is, how it operates, and how it is regulated. We will then cover a number of questions that come up in making gifts to DAFs and in using them to make gifts to other charities. We will finish by discussing how to decide whether a DAF program would be a useful tool for your institution and how to start and operate a DAF program.

7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Gray Plant Mooty, 500 IDS Center, 80 South Eighth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402