Higher Education Breakfast Briefing - Preparing for and Responding to Union Organizing Activity on Campus

Gray Plant Mooty, Minneapolis, MN

Firm Event

The Star Tribune reported Friday that two Twin Cities colleges have received notice from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) of the filing of union organizing petitions by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). SEIU and its Adjunct Action program are targeting adjunct faculty for unionization at many institutions of higher education across the country, and Minnesota is currently a special target of this union activity.
Now is the time for administration planning, training, and action. Gray Plant Mooty's Labor Law team is ready to assist you and your colleagues in that process. We are offering a special live Higher Education Breakfast Briefing to outline the nature of this union activity, what it might mean for your institution, and what steps you can take now to deal with it. Strategic options and analyses will be discussed, and we will provide an outline of the basic constraints and challenging legal nuances that administration must be ready to navigate with urgency. If a petition is filed for your faculty, the time will be extremely short to deal with the many necessary considerations and communications with your faculty, administration, and the NLRB. Might you be exempt for NLRB jurisdiction on religious grounds? Which faculty members are subject to organizing? Learn what you can do NOW.
Mark Mathison and GPM's Labor Law team.