Give It Up but Don’t Tie It Up: Considerations for Restricted Gifts


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2018 12 18 Order re Summary Judgment

2019 3 8 (34) Order Granting Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

Article – College Donors Are Getting Picky

Increasingly, donors are making charitable gifts with restrictions attached. Restrictions can be helpful in defining donor intent about the use of the funds, whether they are immediately spendable or instead will fund an endowment, and how they are to be recognized. However, charities should approach restricted gifts with caution. At this event, Gray Plant Mooty attorneys Sheryl Morrison and Michael Cunningham will address various aspects charities should consider when they are approached about a restricted gift, including:

  • How the income tax deduction works with restricted gifts.
  • What rights a donor has to supervise the administration of the gift.
  • Impermissible restrictions under the law.
  • How to address restrictions that have become inexpedient or impractical.

This presentation will also discuss gift agreements and best practices for restrictions like endowments, naming rights, and other types of common restrictions. Finally, we will provide a perspective on ways to minimize disputes with donors over restricted gifts.


Sheryl Morrison

Michael Cunningham


Greg Larson


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8:00 - 9:00 a.m. (CDT)


Gray Plant Mooty

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