Drafting an Investigation Report

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Many institutions have begun using an investigation model for addressing Title IX and Campus SaVE Act complaints in which a single investigator investigates a complaint and provides an investigation report to an adjudicator or a panel of decision-makers.

Under the new Campus SaVE Act regulations, institutions must allow parties in a complaint process access to all information considered by a decision-maker—including this report.

It is critical for investigators to carefully draft investigation reports, so that decision-makers can make informed decisions and your institution’s process can withstand increased scrutiny from parties and their advisors.

Join us for a 60-minute training on best practices for drafting investigation reports. Participants will leave this training with a road map for successfully drafting their next investigation report.

This training will cover:

  • The purpose of an investigation report
  • Elements to include in a report
  • Important considerations to make when drafting a report