Confidential Resources & Title IX Training: Bringing Your Institution into Compliance from trainED

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Title IX requires that institutions designate confidential resources and train them on what information may be kept confidential. Additionally, under Title IX, confidential resources must provide certain information to individuals who report sexual harassment, including information about reporting options, assistance in reporting, and the institution’s non-retaliation policy.

Title IX and the Clery Act differentiate between clergy, mental health professionals, and other healthcare professionals on the one hand, and non-professional counselors and other semi-confidential advocates on the other; requiring different levels of reporting for each.

In addition, many confidential resources such as licensed counselors or campus pastors can serve multiple roles in the campus community and may be uncertain about their obligations depending upon the circumstances.

Join us for a 60-minute training (with an additional 30-minute Q&A) covering these difficult issues that institutions and their confidential resources are facing.

This training is appropriate for Title IX coordinators and Title IX team members, as well as individual confidential resources. The training will cover:

  • Definition and categories for confidential resources
  • Reporting requirements for different types of confidential resources
  • Reporting requirements under the Clery Act
  • Challenges faced by individuals serving dual roles within the campus community
  • Options for collecting non-identifying data on victims of sexual harassment and violence
  • Tips on training confidential resources

Unable to view this webcast live? Pre-order an on-demand session here. This training will be available for on-demand viewing by Wednesday, April 1.