Global Franchise Regulation Update

12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. CT
Presented via live webinar.

The Global Franchise Regulation Update (GFRU) is a well-known Lathrop GPM Franchise & Distribution publication that is updated and re-published around 3 times annually. The comprehensive Update on international regulatory developments is compiled from publications and correspondence with franchise counsel from throughout the world. For the first time, editor of the GFRU and Senior Counsel Carl Zwisler along with Franchise & Distribution Practice Group Leader and Partner Liz Dillon are teaming up to present the next GFRU in webinar format. Make sure to join them on this in-depth presentation and discussion to have your next Global Franchise Regulation Update questions answered.

The Update is designed as an alert to regulatory developments, but it is not intended to be a comprehensive overview or analysis of the regulations discussed. The Update should not be considered legal analysis or advice. Despite our best efforts, we do not claim that the Update includes all franchising regulatory developments throughout the world. If you are aware of anything that we have missed or may have misinterpreted, please bring the information to our attention.

One half-hour of CLE credit will be applied for in Kansas and Minnesota.

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