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The Road to Insurance Recovery

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The Road to Insurance Recovery

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    Alex Roje is highly skilled in complex insurance and commercial litigation matters, representing policyholder clients in a wide range of insurance coverage disputes involving directors' and officers' liability, product and ...

Listed below are the latest additions to “The Policyholder Project: Insurance Literacy”. These videos provide definitions and explanations of critical insurance concepts, providing policyholders with valuable insights to navigate the complex world of insurance confidently.

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In our previous blog post, we introduced the ongoing initiative, “The Policyholder Project: Insurance Literacy”, which aims to promote insurance literacy and empower policyholders with knowledge and understanding. Building upon the positive reception of our initial video releases, we are excited to present the latest additions to “The Policyholder Project: Insurance Literacy”.

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If you haven't yet heard, the Lathrop GPM Insurance Recovery & Counseling team has launched a new video series, "The Policyholder Project: Insurance Literacy." This innovative project was the invention of Partner Alex Roje, and currently includes videos from Alex, Nancy Sher Cohen and Blake DeRosier. In these videos, our team will define common insurance terms and provide real-world examples to help empower policyholders to better understand their insurance policies.

The first six videos (listed below) have been posted to Lathrop GPM's Video Library, as well as our YouTube ...

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began in the U.S., insurance coverage lawyers – both on the policyholder and insurer side of the aisle – were all bracing themselves for an onslaught of litigation, and they would all be partly right. 

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Despite devastating losses due to the forced closure of their businesses and the effect of social distancing mandates, most policyholders around the country that have made claims for business interruption losses under their property policies, are getting a uniform response:  Claim denied! 

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The coronavirus or COVID-19 global outbreak has struck fear in the hearts of many of us. As the disease spreads, however, it brings with it not only health concerns, but also serious financial consequences for commercial enterprise. And with any potential loss of business comes the inevitable question: Will my insurance cover this?

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Corporate officers and directors should be able to lead confidently and sleep at night without worrying that their personal assets may be at risk because of personal liability. D&O insurance provides such “sleep at night” coverage for claims alleging breach of their duties.  However, there are a few key issues to consider when purchasing a D&O policy that can maximize coverage.

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Hurricane Florence has caused devastation throughout the Carolinas, including as-yet-unknown property damage, business interruption, environmental contamination, and most tragically, loss of life.

When a disaster like Florence occurs, corporate policyholders enter crisis mode, doing everything they can to make sure business losses are mitigated to the extent possible, providing workarounds for customers, and generally making every effort to salvage what they can and assess the losses incurred.  What might not be on any policyholder’s radar screen, however, are the steps that can be taken now to maximize insurance coverage and recovery once the immediate crisis is over.

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