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Do you remember a while back when I wrote about a group of lifeguards that got fired for posting a spoof of the "Gangnam Style" video on YouTube? The city claimed that they violated the aquatic center's standards of conduct and improperly used city property, but the lifeguards countered that they did it while off the clock. Well, after some heated controversy, the mayor of the city has now recommended that they be reinstated. Three of the five council members agreed, and the city manager is now reviewing the file. Although things may end up working out for these young workers, the situation serves as a good reminder that employees' social media use -- even when done off-duty -- can leave both the employer and the employees in hot water.

Other individuals caught up in a technologically-induced bind include a prospective juror facing jail time for Googling a murder defendant, despite written orders from the judge not to do so, a Texas woman arrested for exposing an undercover agent on Facebook, and a teacher fired after her former student tweeted details and photos of their sexual encounters.

Technology and the Workplace
Arlington Resident Fired After Outing as Reddit Troll (Star-Telegram) (Lawffice Space)
Ontario Man Loses Job After Writing Cruel Facebook Comment About Amanda Todd (National Post)
14 Lifeguards Fired for "Gangnam Style" Video to be Rehired (The Inquisitr)
Washington Firefighter Fired for Sending Christian Messages Using Department Email (FOX)
Teacher Fired After Former Student Brags About Sexual Relationship on Twitter and Posts Nude Photos She Sent Him (Daily Mail)

Technology and the Law
Expect Jail Time, Judge Tells Prospective Juror Who Googled Murder Defendant, Flouting Written Order (ABA Journal) (Tampa Bay Time)
Texas Woman Arrested for Posting Photo of Undercover Cop on Facebook (Huffington Post)
Lyrics Website Fined $6.6 Million for Copyright Infringement (IT-Lex)
Twitter Blocks Account for a Government for First Time (Huffington Post)
Judge Affirms Ruling That Samsung Did Not Copy iPad (Chicago Tribune)

There's an App for That
App Lets You Donate to Charity by Just Opening a Web Browser Tab (LA Times)
Purr-fect "Pic for Pets" App Helps Increase Animal Adoption (FOX)
New App From Finland Takes Crime Fighting to Phone Screen (Yahoo)
TV Automatically Pauses When You Leave the Room (NBC)

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