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What do you get when you combine leaked photos, disgruntled employees, and a judge who is alleged to be watching porn? The answer: one heck of a Week in Review and a tale of multiple firings.

The leaked photo, which captured an employee of a Burger King restaurant standing in the restaurant's lettuce bins, appeared on the internet with the caption: "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." The employees involved were quickly fired once the franchisee that owned the restaurant was identified and contacted.

Two disgruntled Texas EMTs were also fired because they were involved in a Facebook conversation about their desire to slap or kick some of their patients. One is striking back, though, in a suit that claims his employer invaded his privacy by finding the posts.

As for the judge who is alleged to watch porn, there's an investigation underway.  He's facing an ethics review because of claims that the judge used his pre- and post-trial time in chambers to access sexually explicit Web sites. Pending a hearing, he could face termination as well.

So there you have it: technology-related trouble does not discriminate based on occupation. If you're not careful, your online activities could cost you your job.

Technology in the Workplace
EMT Fired for Facebook Comment About Wanting to Kick Patient in the Head, Now Suing Employer for Intrusion Upon Seclusion (Employer Handbook)
Feet-in-Lettuce Photo Hits Internet, Gets Burger King Employees Fired (NBC News)
Employees Who Work at Home May Pay the Price in Raises and Promotions (ABA Journal)
Judge Watched Porn on Courthouse Computer, Investigation Alleges (Chicago Sun-Times)
Treasury Employees Cited for Violations, Including Soliciting Prostitutes From Work Via Craigslist (NY Daily news)

Technology and the Law
Facebook Monitors Your Posts and Chats to Catch Sexual Predators (Slate) (Reuters)
Mistrial Declared in First-Degree Murder Case Over Juror's Facebook Comments (ABA Journal) (CBS)
Witnesses to the Dark Knight Rises Shooting Share News on Twitter (CBS)
President Urges Cyber Bill Passage to Protect Critical Infrastructure From Hackers (Huffington Post)
Drones Have U.S. Lawmakers Worried Over Privacy (CBS)
Cameras Act as "Black Boxes" When Cars and Cyclists Collide, Help Solve Hit-and-Runs (NY Times)

There's an App for That
DOL App Helps Employees Independently Keep Track of Wages (The Full 360)
WA Becomes the First State With Voter Registration on Facebook (CBS)
Pay by Voice? So Long, Wallet (NY Times)
A Photo App That Pays You (NY Times)
Yellow Jacket: An iPhone Case With a Stun Gun for Self-Defense (Huffington Post)
Raindropping App Delivers Hyper-Local Rain Forecast to Your Phone (LA Times)

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