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You can run, but you can't hide--not from technology anyway. Just ask the eight TSA agents who lost their jobs this week because a video camera caught them sleeping at work, or the Houston journalist who was fired after a rival newspaper exposed her secret stripping gig, or the Dallas police officer under investigation after his aggressive arrest was recorded by a motorcyclist's helmet camera. I guess if you can't fight the technological takeover, you might as well embrace it. Ready to give in? Check out the links below, including latest apps, which claim to save your life in times of emergency, your wallet while on vacation, and your waistline when trying to lose weight.

Technology and the Workplace
Eight TSA Employees Fired After Caught on Video Napping in Checked Baggage Room (Mail Online)
County Employee's "Monkey" Comment in Email Sparks Outrage Among Residents (WSB-TV)
Journalist Fired After Secret Career as Stripper Exposed, Now Striking Back (Times of India)
Website Collects & Displays Facebook Updates Your Boss Shouldn't See (CNN) (Huffington Post)
Survey Finds Employees Working From Home Watch TV and Play Video Games (Huffington Post)

Technology and the Law
Miami Heat Owner Sues Google, Blogger Over "Unflattering" Photo (CNN)
Lying Online is No Longer a Crime in Rhode Island (LA Times)
Motorcyclist Roughly Arrested After Refusing to Give Up His Helmet Cam; Camera Films Whole Thing (Above the Law)
Judge Rules That Netflix is Subject to Americans with Disability Act (Boston Globe)
Password Privacy Bills Move Forward in California and New Jersey (LA Times) (DE Employment Law Blog)

There's an App for That
Want to Get Fit? Pull Out Your Phone (CNN)
Must-Have Road Trip Apps (ABC)
Bad Weather Coming? National Weather Service Will Send Warnings Right to Your Phone (LA Times)
New App Tracks Colorado Wildfires (CNN)
Survey Finds 59% of People Would Reach into a Toilet to Retrieve Smartphone (CBS)

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