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As a follow up to our last Week in Review, wage and hour claims are still making headlines this week. Another technology company, SpaceX, has been sued for allegedly failing to provide employees with required breaks or to properly pay employees for off the clock work.  SpaceX also faces a separate lawsuit alleging that it failed to give former employees proper advance notice of their layoffs under California law.  Another big legal headline this week is the announcement that a federal judge has rejected a proposed $325 million settlement agreement between Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel and their employees over agreements between these companies not to recruit each others employees.  The judge found the settlement amount to be unreasonably low.  There is, however, also positive press for Google this week. You can read below to learn about Google's new, free tool to help teachers manage their classrooms - available just in time for back-to-school season.

Technology and the Workplace
Judge tosses Silicon Valley wage 'conspiracy' settlement as too low (The Washington Post)
Steve Jobs was 'central figure' in Silicon Valley's 'no poaching' case (CNN)
Musk's SpaceX sued for labor violations (CNN)
Do not force employees to work during FMLA leave (Ohio Employer's Law Blog)
Accusations Fly Between Uber and Lyft (NYTimes)

Technology and the Law
Judge bans live tweets by opposing counsel during deposition (ABA Journal)
Employers need policies in place to address domestic violence and stalking (ABA Journal)
German Minister Wants to Outlaw Late-Night Work Email (WSJ)
Proposed Google Glass Driving Bans Are 'Unenforceable', Says Professor (WSJ)
Consumer-Finance Regulator to Solicit Complaints About Bitcoin, Digital Cash (WSJ)

There's an App for That
Google Introduces Better Spam Filters to Combat Gmail Phishing (Mashable)
Can Wearable Technology Put a Dent in Parkinson's Disease (Mashable)
Google Wants to Save Our Schools - And Hook a New Generation of Users (WIRED)
Amazon Introduces a Card Reader (NY Times)
These Apps Help Keep You Productive and on Schedule (Yahoo)

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