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Personal wearable technology is all the rage, but can wearable technology also increase employee productivity? A study out this week found that wearable technology in the workplace increases both employee productivity and job satisfaction.  Click the link below to read about how wearable technology may benefit and change your workplace.

Also, in our tracking of There's an App for That, we feature a refrigerator that lets you know when you are out of milk, sunglasses that text you when you leave them behind, and a robotic lawn mower.  If you're late with your Mother's Day gift, these would make great gifts for every Mom who wants more time in her day.

Technology and the Workplace
Workplace wearables:  Your boss knows how you slept last night?  (CNN)
Wearable technology can boost employee productivity, job satisfaction (Tech Times)
What Is The Future Of Fabric?  These Smart Textiles Will Blow Your Mind (Forbes)
5 Ways Hackers Exploit our Bad BYOD Habits (WSJ)
Two-Thirds of Americans Would Put Themselves in Danger to Retrieve a Stolen Phone (Yahoo)

Technology and the Law
Tech giants refuse to keep government requests for data secret (ABA Journal)
Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With 'Bloggers Law' (NY Times)
Courts, Lawmakers Curb Police Access to Prescription-Drug Databases (WSJ)
Major news outlets call the FAA's drone restrictions a violation of the First Amendment (The Washington Post)
Gossip website's appeal of ex-cheerleader's defamation verdict watched closely by Internet giants (ABA Journal)

There's an App for That
Out of Milk?  LG's New Smart Fridge Will Let You Know (NBC News)
These Sunglasses Will Text You When You Leave Them Behind (Yahoo)
Smart Bottle Holder Tracks Your Baby's Nutrition (Mashable)
New LawnBott robo-mower gets smarter with an app (CNet)
Chui's "smart doorbell" recognizes faces, greets guests (CBS News)

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