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Do you have a constitutional right to Facebook? Maybe, according to the 7th Circuit. Yesterday, the appellate court struck down an Indiana law which prohibited sex offenders from joining social media sites. Citing the broad language of the ban, the court held that it was an impermissible violation of sex offenders' First Amendment rights.

Speaking of the First Amendment, earlier on Thursday, a French judge found that Europe's ban on hate speech trumps America's free speech guarantees. The suit was over whether Twitter needed to hand over the identities of people using anti-Semitic hashtags. The court answered in the affirmative and ordered Twitter to produce the information within two weeks or face fines of $1,336 per day.

Just when you think courts -- and employers -- are getting a handle on what constitutes protected speech online, social media evolves. The newest twist? Facebook's Graph Search. This application allows users to categorize people based on things they have in common, such as, whether or not they "like" racism, or who they work for -- and all of a sudden, there's a graph out there ranking employers based on who has the most employees who like racism (or some other negative attribute). It's too early to tell what employers, employees, the media, or courts will make of such an application, but it seems to be worth watching.

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