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The Modern Workplace

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Facebook, iMessages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Confide, MessageMe, Popcorn, Glide, Tango, Viber, Whisper. . . .  According to a recent post on the New York Times Bits blog, these are just some of the many different ways to message someone from your smartphone. So, what does this mean for employers? Among other things, it's probably time to update your technology and social media policy. Yes, again. With all of these mobile methods of communication, employers need to be aware that company information is likely traveling outside of old communication methods ...

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Your company holiday party can be added to the list of things impacted by technology. In addition to the risk of alcohol-induced harassment, injuries, or property damage, employers should be mindful that technology and mobile devices permit employees to easily broadcast holiday party activities through social media. Of course, company parties are not the only thing changed by technology in the workplace. Technology has also transformed workplace communication, and, to make this a positive change, employees must use the right technology in the right ways. Outside the ...
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As turkeys and pumpkin pie ingredients fill grocery carts across America, employee privacy issues fill the workplace.  A recent survey shows that younger employees, ages 18 to 25, are more concerned about their privacy in the workplace than their older counterparts.  Meanwhile, some employers are beginning to use surveillance cameras in the workplace to improve safety and efficiency, the way coaches use game film to improve their sports teams performance.  But, back to Thanksgiving.  In the holiday spirit, were providing you information about apps to help you stuff ...
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This week, Dropbox unveiled its new "Dropbox for Business" initiative, which gives employees a greater ability to establish digital work-life balance.  The product includes two data folders - one for business data and one for personal data so that businesses and workers have the ability to segregate digital work and personal data.  The Dropbox announcement came on the same day that Amazon unveiled a similar product. Airbnb also frequented the headlines this week, both for its new, streamlined app and for the scrutiny its vacation and home rental business is under from regulators.  ...

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This week, people around the world remembered the anniversary of 9/11, and President Obama continued to contemplate actions against Syria. Even passive users who may not read the newspaper experienced these events through technology and through hashtags like #neverforget or #syria. Also this week, in the midst of somber news and remembrance, a distraction emerged in the form of two new iPhones featuring new colors and fingerprint identification technology. For every new form of technology, however, there is also a spate of new lawsuits. This week, for example, a U.S. district ...

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