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With the general election less than a week away, Minnesota employers need to be mindful of the states voting rights leave law. 

In Minnesota, an employee has a right to paid time off to vote. State law gives employees the right to be absent from work for the time necessary to appear at the employees polling place, cast a ballot, and return to work. Generally, an employer may not dock pay, personal leave, or vacation for voting leave. An employer who refuses, abridges, or interferes with an employees right to voting leave is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Here are some suggestions on managing ...

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In our modern, ever-electronic, workplace, it continues to become ever-easier for dishonest employees to help themselves to their employers most sensitive and valuable assets through wholesale electronic copying of confidential, proprietary, and trade secret information. A recent example is a case of a former employee of a large medical device company who was recently indicted for criminal charges for stealing, via a thumb drive, the company's trade secrets regarding the design of a balloon-catheter system. According to the indictment, the employee then left his ...

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I love wellness programs. I am a sucker for discounts of any sort, and I especially like the idea of rewarding healthy behavior. My bicycle has a tag that logs my work commute when I pass the electronic stations throughout the Twin Cities, and I smile every time I hear its gratifying beep.

So, I understand why employers like wellness programs. What's not to like about incentivizing healthy lifestyle changes while also lowering health insurance costs, decreasing absenteeism, and increasing productivity? As is so often the case, however, the devil is in the details.  If wellness ...

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If you do business with the federal government, chances are that you're feeling weighed down by the various new requirements placed on you over the past year. We've discussed these requirements in past posts here and here. That's why you may be surprised to hear that the US Department of Labor's Veteran Employment and Training Service (VETS) published a final rule last week that actually makes something easier for federal contractors. The rule modifies and simplifies the reporting requirements under the Vietnam Era Veterans' adjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) for federal ...

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If you're an Amazon Prime member or you've shopped online at Amazon lately, you've probably heard that Amazon launched a new TV series last week, "Transparent," about a 70 year old divorced father who announces to his children that he intends to transition from a man to a woman. The "Transparent" series is getting rave reviews and comes at a time of increased societal and legal focus on the rights of transgender individuals.

Indeed, just before the launch of the "Transparent" series, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed its first ever lawsuits alleging sex ...

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