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Another Sunday has come and gone and with it, somewhat predictably, another Vikings loss. What's remarkable about this week, however, is that the team was without its star player, Adrian Peterson. Mr. Peterson has been barred from team activities pending the resolution of his criminal indictment for child abuse. Mr. Peterson has admitted to disciplining his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch and injuring the child in the process. The Vikings organization has been widely criticized for its initial response to Adrian Petersons indictment. The Vikings initially planned ...

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Unless you were unplugged, you probably saw all the high profile names that made legal headlines last week. Included in that list was David Letterman. In a quick whirlwind of activity, a CBS intern filed a wage and hour lawsuit against CBS News and Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants, only to drop the suit a short time later with a public apology. In the lawsuit, the CBS intern claimed that unpaid Late Show student interns were employees and that the failure to pay them wages violated wage and hour laws. The suit, had it proceeded, would have sought to recover back wages ...
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I was sitting by a campfire last night and, although it was a beautiful night, I could not help but notice that there are signs of fall everywhere. The leaves are beginning to change, the evening air had a slight nip, and darkness arrived much earlier in the evening. These reminders of fall mean that, because of Minnesota's participation in Daylight Savings Time, we need to think about the semi-annual ritual of the changing of the clocks. Each spring we Spring Ahead by moving the clocks forward one hour at 2:00 a.m. on a designated date. Each fall, when Daylight Savings Time ends, we Fall ...

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Wage theft is becoming a popular phrase in the media. A New York Times article recently announced that More Workers Are Claiming Wage Theft. Other news outlets are using the phrase to describe lawsuits brought by workers of a wide mix of employers, ranging from Jimmy John's to NFL franchises. Wage theft even has its own website.

At its core, wage theft is simply a catchphrase designed to draw attention to violations of wage and hour laws. The use of the term wage theft appears to be a relatively recent phenomenon. There were more references to wage theft in U.S. newspapers during the ...

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Some popular online services made legal headlines this week. After years of litigation, a federal appeals court held that Yelp did not extort businesses by manipulating user reviews to coerce advertising purchases. While Yelp still faces other legal claims for false advertising and securities fraud, this case is significant given that Yelp's handling of user reviews has been widely criticized.

While Yelp was presumably busy celebrating good news, the ride-sharing service, Uber, received bad news on its efforts to expand its services overseas. A German court banned Uber's ...

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