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Interesting developments touching on technology in the workplace, and regarding employment law issues generally, dont take a year-end break for the holidays.  Indeed, those work-related holiday gatherings have been known to be fertile breeding grounds for employment difficulties --but dont get us started on that.  In this two week, holiday season Week in Review, we provide you with a virtual smorgasbord of linked articles heavy on interest, but light on calories.  Enjoy and see you next year.
Technology and the Workplace
Numerous American Businesses Plan to Deploy iPads in the ...
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The end of the year is, of course, a time for reflections, predictions, and resolutions for the new year.  As Ive reflected on the 2011 Modern Workplace blog posts, the primary take-away from most posts is the importance of having a carefully drafted, lawful technology policy.  In addition, the web is currently filled with technology predictions for 2012 that suggest the lightning fast pace of technological developments impacting the workplace will continue in 2012.  Some of the 2012 predictions include touch computing potentially replacing desktops and laptops, more effective ...

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This week we see the courts dealing with issues and conflicts that arise from the use of technology. English courts have begun to allow journalists to tweet, email, and go on Facebook during legal proceedings. Writing a negative and harassing blog can be a violation of a restraining order. Facebook connections come under scrutiny if they involve the families of participants in legal proceedings. These and other articles linked below discuss the intersection of technology, law and the workplace.
Technology and the Law
English Courts to Allow Journalists to Use Twitter ...
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Twitter has been in the news this week, they've launched the first update to their website since its creation, and with 100 million followers and 250 million tweets per day, the social media tool has been providing fodder for the judicial system. Twitter has a propensity to show up regularly in the media, poor tweet judgment has repeatedly been shown by celebrities and politicians. Twitter feeds are easily subscribed to, available to the public, and almost intractable. These qualities can lead to a host of legal issues.  Once statements are sent out to the world at ...
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On November 18, 2011, the animal rights group Mercy for Animals released a video that was secretly recorded at several farms owned and operated by Litchfield, Minnesota-based Sparboe Farms, the fifth largest shell egg producer in the United States. The video shows the mistreatment of select hens used in the production of eggs. The video was obtained by ABC News and was used as part of a story for the ABC News Magazine television show 20/20.  That story and the surrounding media attention caused a ripple effect in the food industry. Within days of the release of the video, customers of ...
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During a recent training that I provided on hiring dos and don'ts, one of the managers attending the training asked if his company should continue to call previous employers for references.  The manager expressed frustration that most often, previous employers will only confirm dates of employment.  He wondered whether it is really worth the effort to continue to make these calls.  Short answer: I believe it continues to be a worthwhile step in the hiring process.

Although it is frustrating to a prospective employer to be given only basic information, theres a reason it happens that way ...
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The controversy surrounding Carrier IQ software is evolving rapidly. Carrier IQ software is preinstalled on phones from AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Its original purpose was as an analytic tool that would allow carriers to provide better service by recording dropped calls and instances of poor reception. However, the software apparently also records all of a phone's keystrokes. This gives rise to privacy concerns, and a suit has been filed by consumers under the Federal Wiretap Act. Additional problems such as hacking and identity theft are also being addressed in ...
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