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Technology can change faster than policies, procedures and people. There is a gap between how generations work and communicate - yet they have to work together. The articles here focus on the newest ways we use technology in our lives and workplace, and whether the new is better than the old.
Technology and the Workplace
Only those 35 and Younger, Gen Y Capital Partners Fund Young Tech Entrepreneurs Only (TechCrunch)
When Will Employees be Replaced by Robots? In New York Casinos, Now. (Gizmodo)
Employees and Ipads: Bonuses, Gifts and Hearing Aid Adjusters? (Star Tribune)
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In its 2010 Term, the Supreme Court issued a number of interesting opinions on employment law topics such as class action lawsuits (invalidating a class action brought by 1.5 million current or former Wal-Mart employees), retaliation and Title VII (allowing a third-party to bring a retaliation claim because of association under Title VII) and immigration (allowing states to punish employers for hiring unauthorized workers).
The Courts 2011 Term has fewer high-profile employment law cases, but a few cases are worth watching, including:
Hosanna-Tabor Church v. EEOC is of ...
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Immigration is among the thornier and most complicated of all political issues, and also one of the most consequential to employers.  A representative example: The current debate surrounding the federal worker eligibility status database, E-Verify.

One would think a program whose origins lie in legislation passed under Reagan, piloted under Clinton, expanded under George W. Bush and championed by the Obama administration would garner broad bipartisan and popular support.  Instead, it has been forcefully opposed by groups spanning the ideological spectrum, from the ...
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When confronted with an intensive, time-sensitive writing project, there's nothing I like more than taking a day out of the office to set up shop at my kitchen table and crank the thing out in my jammies.  Apparently, I'm not alone.  According to a CareerBuilder survey, more American workers are working from home on a regular basis, and 30 percent like to do so in their pajamas (41 percent of females and 22 percent of males).  The more startling statistic in CareerBuilders report is that nearly one in five Americans who work from home spends less than an hour per day doing actual work.  This ...
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As we follow the tech trends in this space, the fortunes of Google and Apple continue to grow and, alas, RIM, the maker of Blackberry, continues to struggle.  Blackberries remain an integral part of many workplaces, but it is clear that a growing number of employers will allow, provide or encourage employees to choose other devices, and that the Blackberry's share of the corporate marketplace will, at least in the near future, continue to tumble.   Privacy, security and training issues for employers are all impacted by the choice of smartphone device.   This is a trend we ...
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CNN reported this week that the number of wireless cell phone and tablet devices in the U.S. has outpaced the U.S. population.  With all of this connectivity going on, it could be easy to forget that not everyone has equal access to the internet and an equal ability to apply for jobs online.  Studies in recent years indicate that minorities and disabled individuals, as a group, have less or different access than Caucasians and non-disabled persons.  As a result of this disparity, often dubbed the digital divide, employers should tread carefully in establishing exclusive online ...
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We featured Steve Jobs in this space only a short time ago when he retired as CEO of Apple, and his death this week has compelled us to showcase Jobs again.  Many, many tributes and remembrances were written this week, and you can find a few that provide insight into Jobs' vision, personality and legacy below.
For the last several weeks we've featured articles that explore prospective employer recruiting, information-seeking and monitoring via social network research. A recent start-up, Reppler, helps people manage their online professional and personal repuation.  A survey ...
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A recent article in the New York Times highlighted, yet again, the significant challenges faced by employers when they try to balance the possibilities of technology with the need to protect company data.  That article  discussed allowing employees to conduct company business through the use of their own personal computers and devices.  This development is being referred to as the consumerization of I.T.  In a nutshell, consumerization of I.T. represents a significant shift away from a closed technology system, in which an employer supplies all computers or other devices (such as ...
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