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The news of the last week has been a particularly interesting illustration of the promise and perils of technology, particularly related to social media. On the one hand, Facebook and other social media outlets continue to be used as tools to organize protests and spur on the cause of revolution in countries where citizens have long been oppressed and felt powerless. On the other hand, there are several stories from the last week about employees sharing confidential information (including pictures of medical patients), complaining about workplace conditions, or even Tweeting ...
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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) has been around for about 20 years now, and for some employers it has been a good investment. For others, it has been a disappointment, and for still others it remains a mystery. My own view is that every employer should consider adding EPLI to its insurance coverage, but should do so with a clear understanding of EPLI's limitations and cost.

So, what should employers expect and what should they watch out for when they shop for EPLI? That's the focus of today's post.

Employers should first understand what, if any, coverage they have for ...

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The Gray Plant Mooty attorneys behind The Modern Workplace are devoted to exploring current issues in employment and labor law. We are particularly interested in The Next Big Thing, our shorthand for the many ways that technology is revolutionizing both the world we live in and the workplace. Each week, we will provide a summary of interesting news and blogs involving technology and law, especially the law of the workplace. This week marks the first of our TNBT: Week in Review features on The Modern Workplace.

The buzz this week in the world of technology is Watson, the IBM computer that ...
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I'm not normally one to read advice columns in newspapers. However, Mondays Ask Amy column in the Star Tribune was right up my alley. The column tells the story of a customer service employee who was fired because an angry customer tweeted about her experience with the employee and got the attention of corporate headquarters.

This story comes on the heels of the news last week that a settlement was reached in the nationally publicized Facebook firing case. In that case, the NLRB filed a complaint against an ambulance service company that fired an employee for venting about her supervisor ...
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Today we celebrate Saint Valentines Day, the annual commemoration of the martyrdom of Saint Valentine at the hands of the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Of course, we now celebrate this holiday by giving our loved ones heart-shaped candy and greeting cards! Although this may seem a strange cause for celebrating love, there is a romantic legend behind this otherwise morbid holiday. According to legend, the Christian priest Valentine was executed because he was performing marriage ceremonies for young men and women in violation of Roman law. Although this legend is now widely ...

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