Brian T. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Dr. Brian Schwartz’s background is in physics and optical engineering, with an emphasis in numerical simulations of photonic technologies such as CMOS image sensor pixels, photonic-crystal waveguides, silicon photonics, optical metamaterials, free-electron lasers, and laser-based particle accelerators. Dr. Schwartz also served as a senior optoelectronic engineer for OmniVision Technologies, a developer of advanced digital imaging solutions.

Dr. Schwartz assists in patent prosecution, litigation, patentability determinations, and infringement analysis in technologies including optics, photonics, imaging, image processing; mobile devices, smart displays, video security devices; telecommunications, signal processing, video encoding; stabilized lasers and applications thereof; and machine learning.

Areas of technical emphasis:

  • optics, photonics, imaging, image processing
    • wafer-level optics, chip-scale image sensor packages, transfer-gate design
    • phase-detection auto-focus, edge detection methods, lane detection methods, high-dynamic range imaging, demosaicing, angular localization
    • medical imaging: MRI, endoscopes, gamma-ray imaging
    • silicon photonics, fiber optics, modal noise mitigation
    • nanophotonics, metasurfaces, plasmonics, solar-selective absorbers
    • video displays, liquid crystal on silicon, polarization converters
    • remote sensing: lidar, angular localization, temperature measurement
  • mobile devices, smart displays, video security devices
  • telecommunications, signal processing, video encoding
    • carrier phase recovery, burst timing, passive optical network architecture, wavelength division multiplexing
    • base-layer and enhancement-layer video streams, video overlay methods, tone-mapping
    • wireless communication
  • stabilized lasers: spectroscopy, laser stabilization methods, atomic clocks, materials characterization
  • machine learning, neural networks, classifiers


Dr. Schwartz’s publications include:

  • E. A. Peralta, K. Soong, R. J. England, E. R. Colby, Z. Wu, B. Montazeri, C. McGuinness, J. McNeur, K. J. Leedle, D. Walz, E. B. Sozer, B. Cowan, B. Schwartz, G. Travish, R. L. Byer. “Demonstration of electron acceleration in a laser-driven dielectric microstructure,” Nature, 503, 91-94 (2013).
  • B.T. Schwartz et al, “Coherent Electron Cooling: Status of Single-Pass Simulations,” Proceedings of the International Particle Accelerator Conference, (2013).
  • Z. Li, M. Mohammed, X. Chen, E. Dudley, K. Meng, L. Shang, A. Mickelson, R. Joseph, M. Vachharajani, B. Schwartz, and Y. Sun, “Reliability Modeling and Management of Nanophotonic On-Chip Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems (TVLSI), 99, 1, (2011).
  • Z. A. Sechrist, B. T. Schwartz, J. H. Lee, J. A. McCormick, R. Piestun, W. Park, and S. M. George, “Modification of Opal Photonic Crystals Using Al2O3 Atomic Layer Deposition,” Chemistry of Materials 18 (15), 3562-3570 (2006).
  • B. T. Schwartz and R. Piestun, “Dynamic properties of photonic crystals and their effective refractive index,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 22, 2018-2026 (2005).
  • B. T. Schwartz and R. Piestun, “Waveguiding in air by total external reflection from ultralow index metamaterials,” Appl Phys Lett, 85, 1 (2004).
  • B. T. Schwartz and R. Piestun, “Total external reflection from metamaterials with ultralow refractive index,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 20, 2448-2453 (2003).


  • National Academy of Sciences Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship, 2005
  • International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE) scholarship, 2005
  • Fellowship, Optical Science & Engineering Program, University of Colorado, 1999-2004
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