Bogdan S. Borowy, Ph.D.

Dr. Bogdan Borowy is a technical specialist in the firm’s intellectual property group with 30+ years of corporate R&D experience in the area of power electronics, dynamical controls, and physics based modeling and simulations of power converters, motor drives, and large-scale propulsion and converter systems. During his career, he led diverse groups of engineers and scientists conducting advanced development and research in the areas of model-based control systems for power conversion, microgrids, magnetic levitation, motor drives, robotics, embedded systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Dr. Borowy was the Senior Director of Advanced Technology for a technology corporation in Boston, Massachusetts where he directed development of grid scale conversion systems and their control. He also previously has worked as a senior technical advisor where he led development, implementation, and tests of full scale magnetically levitated vehicles (MagLev), 20 MW Advanced Arresting Gear propulsion control system for USS Carrier Gerald Ford, and high-precision robust electromagnetic position sensors. In addition, he was directly involved in development of advanced control of high-end disk drives.

Briefly, he actively participated in NASA’s JPL Disturbance Rejection System (DRS) for measuring gravitational waves in space design by developing a colloidal micro-Newton thruster propulsion controls.

Dr. Borowy has been developing and promoting renewable energy systems (wind, solar) as economically viable clean alternatives to fossils including battery storage optimization, “blue” hydrogen generation, and control algorithms for autonomous microgrids. He actively participates in related IEEE standards committees and co-authored several papers related to renewable energy use optimization.


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Professional Affiliations

  • Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Steering Committee Member for IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo – last 6 years
  • Invited Peer Reviewer for the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office for PowerAmerica – Wide Bandgap Devices development program
  • IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 21 Member
  • IEEE Standards 2030.8 Microgrid Controller Committee Member
  • IEEE Standards 1547.9 Distributed Energy Sources Committee Member
  • Reviewer of professional journals
    • IEEE Transactions on Power Conversion
    • IEEE Transactions on Micro Grids
    • IEEE APEC Conference
    • IEEE ITEC Conference
    • ACTA: International Journal on Power and Energy Systems
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